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At TNT Digital Marketing, we harness the prowess of Artificial Intelligence to fuel engaging, efficient, and effective marketing systems.

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Based in Morgan Hill, California, TNT Digital Marketing we understand the intricacies and demands of running a business in today's digital landscape. That’s why we’ve pioneered AI-fueled automation solutions to ensure every task on your checklist is addressed with precision and efficiency.

Seamless Automations

Our innovative automations are designed to help you cross every "t" and dot every "i," ensuring that your operations run smoothly, and your AI empowered workforce excels in every situation.

Tailored Strategies

We delve deep to understand your brand's unique needs and craft AI-driven marketing strategies that not only tackle current market challenges but also anticipate future opportunities, propelling your business towards sustainable growth.

You're juggling a million things and you don't have the time or money to invest in marketing & different software.

With over 10 years of experience and a proven system, we offer a step-by-step guide to achieving the results you desire, eliminating the guesswork from your marketing efforts.




Stop missing potential sales due to uncaptured leads. Now that there's awareness about your brand, let's seize those leads and transition them into customers.



Effortlessly connect with your customers wherever they may be: on social media, email, text, voicemail, or chat. Ensure swift follow-ups with new leads in under 5 minutes through automatic messaging. Engage and nurture your leads with strategic campaigns, ensuring your brand remains at the forefront of their minds.



Empower your deal-closing capabilities. Gain precise insights into each potential client's position in the buying journey, allowing you to concentrate on those nearing the closing stage. When they're ready to make a purchase, process their payment seamlessly right through the CRM.


business growth, simplified

Let's connect! We'll assist in pinpointing the hurdles and growth prospects within your business. Together, we'll strategize to propel you to your desired milestones.

This is a 100% free, no-obligation call! Our top-notch advice is yours to take, regardless of your decision to partner with us or not.

Make sales on the go with our mobile app.

  • Get real-time notifications straight to your phone

  • Chat with your clients & leads right from the app

Never miss another opportunity again

HOW it works


  • Increase Your Know, Like & Trust: Build a strong relationship with your ideal clients.

  • Enhance Efficiency and Accuracy: Automate routine tasks, ensuring flawless execution every time.

  • Position Yourself as an Innovator: Embrace the future of digital operations and stand out in your industry.

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Jenny Duong

Micro-blading Brow Artist

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Great collaboration

"I found the staff professional and kind, explaining the process to me every step of the way. I understand my marketing efforts more clearly now. There was such a high level of customer service."

It was a great experience!

"I started using TNT's video marketing system and it helped me reach over 100,000 potential clients with my video marketing library!"

Frequently asked questions

What differentiates TNT Digital Marketing's automation from other tools you might have explored or are utilizing?

Our platform empowers you with full command over your email dispatches, unlike numerous systems that include it in the cost. You have the liberty to link with any SMTP provider of your choice, enhancing deliverability at your pace. Experience no boundaries on contacts, domains, pages, courses, automations, or pipelines, providing a canvas for scalable business growth.

Our diligent development team has scrutinized every akin software in the market, affirming that TNT's automation solution stands unrivaled in delivering results.

How long before I can start harnessing TNT's automation capabilities?

Our adept TNT onboarding crew will have your setup finalized and ready to roll, on average, within a week post your onboarding form completion.

What Sets TNT's Automation Apart?

TNT's platform excels beyond comparable software thanks to its rapid LIVE chat support, facilitating real-time assistance for users. With TNT, you gain access to advanced AI technology powered by ChatGPT, assisting in crafting website content, social media posts, ad copy, and more.

Moreover, our AI review bot automates the monitoring and sharing of customer reviews across social media platforms, effortlessly amplifying your brand's positive recognition.

How Does TNT Ensure Account Security?

TNT incorporates a 2-factor authentication (2FA) login feature requiring either an email or text code for account access, adding an additional layer of security to safeguard your account and information.

I already have a website. Can I utilize TNT's automations?

With TNT, effortlessly integrate forms, webchat, calendars, and funnels into your sleek WordPress site without any additional hassle. TNT not only simplifies your processes but also aids in cost-saving by managing various tasks for you. There's no need to modify your WordPress site - just connect with TNT and relish the advantages!

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Ignite Business Growth with AI-Driven Automations

Embark on a journey towards a more captivating and rewarding digital presence. Let’s explore how AI can revolutionize your marketing landscape and client satisfaction.

About TNT Digital Marketing

Based in Morgan Hill, California, TNT is your go-to hub for cutting-edge AI Automations. We harness AI's power to streamline your business processes, ensuring enhanced efficiency and growth. Dive into the future of automation with TNT!

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